About Nematech

Our company:

Nematech Kft. - German – Hungarian Industrial Technological Products Manufacturing Company – which estabilished in 1993. In older times started working with 14 person, today growed to more than sixty employees. Those technological sections, which ones we are not in possession, several well equipped company provide us their services, so then we give possibility of work near than 200 person. We think that, our products’ and services’ most important part is the quality of that. To make this guaranteed, our company developed quality- and environment management system according to ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO14001 and audited with an international certifying company..


Our employees’ qualifications are one important element of our success . The grow of the company is continuous and the production rate from year to year growing. Our products’ scale sold nearly 100% in foreign countries in the western region of Europe for automotive industries and telecommunication companies.

Possibilities of growing:

The company’s position and our trained employes makes us to able to growth more. The communication and computer system at our base enable us ready to a modern and fast connectivity to our custumers. With our own custom free zone and a reliable spedition partnership we can provide our customer a possibility of transport.